"Living the Sweet Life"

Type 1 Diabetes is like riding a coaster 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Amanda Bar, Type 1 Diabetic (34 years) and her life-saving sidekick, Diabetic Alert Dog, Shugga (6 years) have been battling both high and low blood sugars daily, while striving to live the sweet life along the way.

Battling BloodSugars mission is to bring valuable tools, tips, events, programs and inspiration for those living with and managaing life with Type 1 Diabetes.  To learn more about our story and Diabetic Alert Dogs, check out our book "Battling BloodSugars, One Sniff at a Time". 

How does a D.A.D.(Diabetic Alert Dog) work?

Shugga let's Amanda know when her blood sugar goes to high (indicated with a paw, called an "Alert") and blood sugar going to low (indicated with a nose-bump, called a Booyah). 

Services / Connection

Looking for additional information through living a life with Type 1 Diabetes? Want to lower your A1C or improve your time in range goal?  Want to attend or schedule a Shugga Talk?  Desire more Adventure or want to attend a Camp to connect, enjoy and learn?  Click on a Picture below and Let's Talk.

What Makes Shugga Happy?

Besides eating his yummy treats after getting an alert or booyah right is knowing your watching your blood sugars, checking often, staying active, reading his book, wearing his most Favwoof designed Shugga shirts and  watching his Shugga Vlog!  Whew that's a lot, probably because he's a detailed D.A.D.  His tail is wagging in excitement already!


This book is a fun wealth of knowledge in understanding Type 1 & the challenges of service dogs. I now know why these working dogs need to give their full undivided attention, and how to better understand Type 1 needs. Thank you Amanda for creating this beautiful work. 

Natalie (Los Angeles)

Your Coaching with my daughter made such a huge impact in her life, she is more confident and strong and knows she can do anything she puts her mind and heart to.

Barbara (San Diego)

Amanda Bar has written a delightful and encouraging story on what she experiences having Type 1 Diabetes.  I thought it was so smart to use her doggie Shugga as the narrator. The artistic narrative is spot on as well. I have shared her book with my clients who suffer from Diabetes and they love the book.

Shannon (Los Angeles)

Spreading Shugga's Love

A percentage of every purchase on our website (Book, Apparel, Shugga Talks, Diabetic Coaching, Shugga Adventures, and Shugga Camp), is donated to JDRF & TypeOne Run.  We support both JDRF's mission and Type One Run's cause and hope you will too.  For more information go to JDRF.org and TypeOneRun.org

Are you Looking for a Diabetic Alert Dog?

Canines for Disabled Kids works to support the creation of child-canine service dog teams to promote independence and social awareness. Offering free services to families and communities across the United States, Canines for Disabled Kids helps connect children with the service dog that can best help them overcome limitations caused by a variety of disabilities while helping communities to be welcoming and supportive of the special canine tools being used. Scholarships to help cover the training costs are offered, another way Canines for Disabled Kids helps to bring these teams together.  We suggest reaching out to this organization to get more information about the application process and being connected to local Diabetic Alert Dog training facilities that could meet your needs.  Please contact Kristin Harness,  Executive Director (978-422-5299 ext 1001)