"Living the Sweet Life"

Having Diabetes is like riding a Diabetic Coaster 24/7, 365 days a year.  We only know because riding in one of the seats we have our main Star, Shugga, who's been a Diabetic Alert Dog for 5+ years and his "Chosen 1" & T1D who has battled for over 30+ years. 

We understand the ride can include high highs and low lows with a mix of successes and challenges along the way.  Yet, it's all about how we decide to ride the coaster that counts.  Because of our experience and love to help others, Battling BloodSugars was inspired with you in mind.  We look forward to bringing information, inspiration, empowerment and fun while battling bloodsugars daily together.  So, join the Shugga Pack so we can stay connected.

How does a D.A.D.(Diabetic Alert Dog) work?

Shugga let's his "Chosen 1" (T1D) when her blood sugar goes to high (indicated with a paw, called an "Alert") or blood sugar going to low (indicated with a nose-bump, called a Booyah).  If you'd like to know more, there is more explanation in our book "Battling BloodSugars, One Sniff at a Time"! 

Shugga Services

Looking for some extra coaching through diagnosis, want to achieve an A1C or time in range goal, or maybe looking to chat more on an emotional level?  Want to attend or schedule a Shugga Talk?  Desire more Adventure?  Sign-up for a Shugga Adventure or Shugga Camp.

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Do You Know What Makes Shugga Happy?

Besides a good low & good high to get yummy treats, playing ball & running in the park?!  Is also knowing your sniffing (watching) your blood sugars, checking often, staying active, reading his book, wearing his most Favwoof designed shirts, watching his Shugga Vlog and joining his Shugga Pack.  Whew that's a lot, probably because he's a detailed D.A.D. & his tail is wagging in excitement already!

About Shugga's "Chosen 1"

Diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic at the age of 2, I was fortunate to grow up in an era of some of the first medical breakthroughs in technology to assist in managing Type 1 Diabetes. While science is currently making great strides in trying to find a cure, battling blood sugars is still a constant endeavor.

To be honest, I would have thought after a couple decades that I’d have the secret figured out by now. Yet, every day is a new journey with opportunities to keep my blood sugars in normal range.

I’ve found that being committed to my health for the short and long term has made a big difference. Fulfilling action steps to have the life I desire has taken discipline through food, exercise, self- monitoring and now the assistance of a D.A.D. to maintain control.

Keeping in mind, that highs and lows still happen, regardless of how much effort put in.  I have found that if I beat myself up for a high or low it doesn’t help and makes me feel worse, so now I look at what caused the high or low blood sugar and identify what action steps I can take next time to avoid the same result. 

From personal experience, it can be helpful to stay open and honest with doctors, parents, caregivers, nurses, family and friends around who can assist in keeping myself healthy and safe. Also, keeping to the plan developed with my doctor has given a greater opportunity for my ideal style of life.

Most important has been to stay positive and know that every day is another chance to get better.

Lastly, I think that Shugga’s view of Type 1 Diabetes is that we are all just a littler sweeter, so let that sweetness come out and impact your world for the better & “Keep Living the Sweet Life”.    - Amanda Bar

(Picture includes T3D Super Hero & Husband - Adam Bar)

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This book is a fun wealth of knowledge in understanding Type 1 & the challenges of service dogs. I now know why these working dogs need to give their full undivided attention, and how to better understand Type 1 needs. Thank you Amanda for creating this beautiful work. 

Natalie (Los Angeles)

Your Coaching with my daughter made such a huge impact in her life, she is more confident and strong and knows she can do anything she puts her mind and heart to.

Barbara (San Diego)

Everything your creating for the Diabetic Community fills my heart with happiness, the more lives you can touch the better.  May you and Shugga continue to take care of each other and enjoy empowering the lives of those impacted by Type 1 Diabetes, Big Hugs. 

Heidi (Texas)

Spreading Some Extra Shugga Love

A percentage of every purchase on our website (Book, Apparel, Shugga talks, Diabetic Coaching, Shugga Adventures, and Shugga Camp), is donated to JDRF to fund a cure; we support JDRF's mission and hope you will too.  Check out our donation page at  Battling BloodSugars.  For more information about JDRF's mission, research, outreach and events go to JDRF.org.