7 Sweet Tips for Living the Sweet Life

7 Sweet Tips for Living the Sweet Life

7 Sweet Tips for Living the Sweet Life

1. It is NOT your Fault.  Being Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes has nothing to do with what you did or didn't do, eat or didn't eat, exercise or didn't exercise and etc.  This is a powerful realization to live, that its not your fault and not your parents fault or your family for having the "gene", now we can focus on transforming our way of thinking around T1D.

2.  Replace "It's Not Fair" with "I'm So Blessed".  Think of all the statements we say throughout the day to ourselves and to others about how our life is and isn't.  Can you agree with me that it is easier to think about how "not good" things are verses how "good" things are?  So when you start an "It's not Fair" statement like, "It's not fair I have T1D and my sister didn't get it", try saying "I'm so blessed to have a Sister and she doesn't have to live with T1D and she's my rockstar T3D".  Feeling better all ready?  Thought so.   

3. Take Responsibility.  When we take responsibility for our actions, our blood sugars and not blame others for our day to day situation, then we get to be the one in control.  This is much more powerful than hoping someone else will do what we think they should do and then get disappointed if they don't do it.  Gain the freedom you desire by being responsible for your Diabetes and feel the Power!

4. Time to Stop Beating Ourselves Up.  The highs and the lows will happen, no matter how great of control your in  Trust me it happens to the best of us.  It also helps to looks at the big picture (30 day or 90 day averages) to see how we're doing instead of the actual crazy day we might have endured.  Remember stress can make your insulin less responsive, so don't stress and remember what your in control of, correct and keep moving.  

5. Be Thankful.  I know you've probably heard this and thought, yea be thankful for something that never shuts off and have to spend tons of money, time and effort to stay healthy.  Yep, that's some "It's not Fair" flaring up and our tip is to be thankful.  Thankful for life, thankful for a disease that you can manage and live a "normal" life, thankful for a reason to be health and more in shape, thankful for a reason to not get into bad things because you need to be alert and the list goes on.  So what are you thankful for?

6. Be Mindful.  This is something I learned later on in life and has helped me with the negative thoughts that sometimes come.  When you have a negative thought about your diabetes or life, you can acknowledge that its there and then you get to choose if you dwell on it, let it go or think of something else.  This one takes some effort, just think about how many hours a day you have and what cool things you can do, create and be if you had your mind on things that you wanted.

7.  Your Not Alone.  There are many times that you can feel like your the only one, from hanging with friends to family reunions it can feel sometimes lonely.  I was the only T1D in my school and no family or friends had it as I was growing up.  The beauty is your reading this from another T1D living with Diabetes for over 30 years and we are instantly connected.  I also suggest getting connected in your community with organizations and events for T1D's, it sure is fun hanging out with those that understand and you can relate to.  

Shugga and I hope you enjoyed our Top 7 Sweet Tips!  If you've enjoyed these and think someone else might like to read them, please send them this link so they can be connected. "Keep Living the Sweet Life"